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Travel with Meor Drexel

Meor Abroad

Meor Poland

MEOR Poland employs a distinctly Jewish approach to engaging Judaism at its core, wrestling with the struggles of our people and engraving the lessons and impact of this journey upon our lives.

This transformational experience is likely to be the most impactful and enlightening week of your college career, and quite possibly your entire life.

Meor Vision

MEOR Vision is the next-level Israel experience. The two-week program includes dynamic lectures, one-on-one learning, traveling for volunteering opportunities, on-site classes and outdoor adventures. Together with outstanding Jewish educators and lay leaders, students delve into Talmudic discourse, acquire new skills in concentrated study of Jewish texts, learn leadership theory and technique, and undertake an engaging seminar focused on personal character development.

MEOR Vision is only open to university students, graduates, and young professionals who have previously participated in the MEOR Israel program, Maimonides Leaders Fellowship or other introductory Jewish learning programs.

Meor Israel

MEOR Israel provides a unique Israel experience. Like other Israel trips, you’ll explore the “what” of the country. MEOR Israel also explores the “whys."

Why is Israel central to our people and our future? Why did our ancestors hold such passion to reclaim our homeland for almost 2,000 years? Why is Israel important to you and your own Jewish identity? Why is Israel worth fighting for today?

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